Structured living is key to a successful transition to being independent. Curfew is closely monitored to ensure our clients are safe and away from their old lifestyle. Meetings are required to help clients stay on track to their goals and meet mental and emotional needs. Please see our house rules below.

  1. Curfew

    1. Curfew is 5:30pm for the first 30 days until employment is obtained and verified.

    2. Attending meetings outside the house with sponsors or non-restricted clients is permitted. Any appointments or meetings after 5:30 must be approved with staff.

    3. Clients will be given extended curfew to 10 PM Sunday through Thursday, exceptions are given for work and meetings with approval from staff. Friday and Saturday curfew is 11 pm. These can be extended with approval from staff for special events.

  2. Clients will be allowed two overnights a month with permission from House Managers and Probation Officers. Passes can be for one night or from Friday to Monday and count as one overnight.

  3. Employment seeking is required. Assistance with resumes, applications and interviews will be available.  Full-time employment, school or volunteer work is required within two weeks.

  4. Meetings:

    1. Motivation Meetings - Monday thru Friday at 7am

    2. AA/NA Meetings – Four meetings required per week outside our program regardless of work schedule.  A card must be signed to provide verification, these cards will be turned in at the Saturday house meeting.

    3. Life Skills Module – once per week (TLP program only)

    4. House Meeting – Saturday at 9am.  Payment is due at this meeting.

  5. Staff must be notified of all whereabouts at all times. Communication is key.

  6. Once employment is obtained, verification will be established, and paystubs will be turned in while on probationary period to verify hours.

  7. House chores are mandatory and will rotate every week.

  8. Rooms are expected to remain clean and beds are to be made. Each client is responsible for their area.

  9. Clients can be placed back on restriction for non- compliance of rules, curfews, and non-payment.

  10. Clients is expected to respect staff and other clients this includes communication, belongings and behavior.

  11. No loud music with profanity is allowed.

  12. There are no overnights in house from significant others.

  13. Guest can remain in main areas of house, but not in bedrooms until 9 p.m.

  14. Visitors of the opposite gender cannot visit the house, except for tours with the House Manager.

  15. There will be no aggressive or violent behavior tolerated towards clients, staff or visitors.

  16. No weapons are allowed on the property.

  17. Clients can be searched, as well as their belongings at any time by staff.

  18. Clients will be subjected to drug test at any time.

  19. Failure to comply to any of these rules will result in disciplinary action and probation and parole will be notified.

  20. Clients may smoke in backyard.  Clients may not hang out in the front yard.